I remember it like it was yesterday.

Shortly after graduating from college, I wanted to do something really nice for my mom. Since she was loving enough to let me live in her basement despite having a full time job, I decided to gift her something she’d never find in the store. A new living room! What followed were 3 months of Home Depot trips and YouTube videos, teaching myself every trick of the trade.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had watching her enjoy her new space for the first time. I’ll also never forget the feeling of wasting away so much of my money on tools and equipment I would never use again.

10 years later, YouTube is even better for teaching you new skills, but it’s still nearly impossible to start or try something new without a serious hit to your wallet. My goal with BoxedUp is to make it easy for anyone to do whatever their passion is driving them to do. Start your own DIY project. Start your podcast. Start that thing your friends will call you crazy for. Whatever you do, just start.

- Donald, CEO & Founder